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In a marketing world where everything is increasingly measurable, data granularity sometimes acts as a blinder. 

Taking a step back to see the world from a wider or different angle, embracing context, empathizing with users and customers are all things we should do before making strategic decisions. It is not about being above. It is about understanding the big picture to discover perspectives and insights that will help create new ideas and solve problems.


With more than 20 years of experience in agencies as a strategist and in design & multimedia production as a freelancer, I decided to transition into a new adventure: 

A freelance consultancy. Also, marrying my international expertise in advertising (I worked for various brands across different industries and continents), with my insatiable passion for design, I created altitude in august 2018. 

altitude is at the intersection of design and strategy, dedicated to brands. It is offering 3 main services: strategic planning, design thinking and sonic branding.

"I have a passion for brands, strategy, culture, design and audio. And I strongly believe in the power of interdisciplinarity".  Guilhem Tamisier

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Strategic planning

Design data-fueled and

insight-led strategies

From [ 1 ] collecting, processing and

making sense of data, to [ 2 ] discovering insights, to [ 3 ] drawing out implications, to [ 4 ] designing the strategy. 

It is a creative journey, infused with a mix of science, intuition and a dose of storytelling.

Application: Brand architecture, product launch, portfolio management, campaign planning, customer journey & measurement strategies, messaging, content & media strategies.


Design thinking

Deliver more effective customer-centric strategies

  • Generate innovation through design thinking.

  • Boost value proposition and enhance user experience with service design.

  • Apply universal design principles to make communication planning more efficient.

Application: Ideation, innovation, differentiation, problem solving.

Sonic branding

Create audio identity systems for a brand and its different expressions

A 6 step process:

  1. On the power of sound

  2. Category audit

  3. Setting the purpose

  4. Sonic translation

  5. Audio touchpoints mapping

  6. Creation & production

Application: Sound design and music composition for digital content (website, podcast, video, etc) and for experiential activities (installation, exhibition)

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Home: Service

Customer insights discovery and strategic planning for Social Solutions campaigns.

Development and implementation of Bonterra’s brand measurement framework.

A variety of strategic projects aiming to drive innovation and accelerate marketing effectiveness.

This includes thought leadership and strategic POVs on campaign measurement, customer advocacy marketing, virtual events, creative testing, B2B trends…etc.

Projects conducted in partnership with Mediacom NY.

Development of an agile and modular marketing framework designed to enable the deployment of audience-first and platform-agnostic strategies and including content and channel planning recommendations for each of them.

This mission included interviews of internal stakeholders, a competitive landscape analysis as well as the discovery of audience insights.

1. Creation of a 5-step campaign planning framework designed to help the marketing organization identify, develop and deploy global campaigns. This framework was then applied to Cognizant key battlegrounds and implemented in markets.

2. Collaboration on a CMO-led brand project aiming to explore brand architecture opportunities and brand building strategies. This project ultimately led to design of the Cognizant brand campaign framework.

3. Research on the Business Process Services category in order to identify opportunities for Cognizant Digital Business Operations and inform its messaging strategy and architecture.      

Ongoing strategic advisory for Lumen Technologies brand and solutions, including:

  • Category trends & competitive landscape

  • Customer insights and target audience analyses

  • Communication planning and measurement strategy.

Adhoc projects: Creative assets management, Media 101 training

Delivered strategic planning for the re-launch of National Instruments which included the introduction of a new brand identity and platform. This was also the opportunity for the Austin-based company to invest in brand building and position NI as a real game changer its the category.

This scope also included a global ROI analysis to inform brand building vs. demand generation budget allocation as well as vertical prioritization.

Projects conducted in partnership with Doremus.

Brand identity and audio production of the Nova Social Innovation podcast series: "The Design Thinking Roundtable". 

This included the development of an audio strategy for the series, post-production (audio editing, sound design and music), as well as the design of the branding elements (brand identity system and art direction).

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